Hi. There are three stages in the development of VES with corresponding collaborators within each.


by David Meggitt (Chartered Civil Engineer and Management Services Specialist), an alumnus of PA International Management Consultants and Planning Research Corporation.

His journey with VES began in 1982 with the task of identifying the flow of 5,500 information elements in the preparation of the fourth Five-Year Plan for the Ministry of Planning, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and subsequently where to apply information technology.

Ten years later Don Tapscott referred David to the former's "Digital Capital" book containing the diagrams of Verna Allee. Subsequently, an article co-authored by David and Verna entitled “Will the real project please stand up?”, featuring her value network analysis (VNA), was published in the 2006/07 Yearbook of the Association for Project Management.

Verna and David


by David Meggitt and Christie Sarri (also a Chartered Civil Engineer, and MBA).

In 2011, David teamed up with Christie. In 2012 (with Dr. Lilly Evans) they had their peer-reviewed landmark paper on value networks published in the flagship journal of the Institution of Civil Engineers, commended by the Govt. Adviser on Construction at the time.

There followed a reappraisal of the field of management services and further periods of reflection and live applications, including a presentation of VES by Christie to the whole class of the first course on "Open Innovation" by Professor Chesbrough in 2013 at Berkeley, University of California. David and Christie published the first Handbook of the Value Exchange System (VES) in 2019.

Christie and David

Additional Specialist Participants

Although VES is a stand-alone system, it is fully integrable (has hooks) which seamlessly can link with other powerful approaches including:

· Theories of human interactions in organizations

. VSM (Viable Systems Model)

· Causal modelling

· Project management

· Risk management and governance

· ICT Applications at the business level

· Etc, etc.

Hence additional specialists and knowledge partners have collaborated over the last five years to form a unique band (or Brigade) of Participants who can deploy as needed in getting things done.

The "Brigade"

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