Hello there! As humans, we're not just passengers in this world. We're inherently co-creators, approaching challenges head-on, and determined to leave our mark by making this world better, despite the unending obstacles we encounter.

There are many ideas people want to bring to life. But they face difficulties because too few are working and investing collaborative time together.
So, the goal is to get more people within and between groups to co-develop and support ideas, in a way that would be much more effective than at present. [1]

We do understand that we're still largely stuck in an old way of thinking from the past, where being efficient is seen as the most important objective. For instance, do we ignore key problems related to the environment and society that don't fit into the usual approaches? Is this partly because we fall short in tackling them using the tools we currently have? [2] Are we too protective of our ideas?

The solution to this situation that we're offering is an approach called the Value Exchange System, or VES, that helps us overcome these issues and see things differently.

So, our mission is to help people understand what VES is, how it works, and show examples of how it's been used. We want to offer this as a tool and service to anyone who wants to use it in their own situations, no matter what job or roles they have or where they are in an "organization" in order to get things done.

[1] Adapted from J. F. Moore, The Death of Competition - leadership & strategy in the age of business ecosystems, New York, USA: HarperCollins Publishers, 1996.

[2] Adapted from G. Hamel, The Future of Management, Boston, USA: Harvard Business School Press, 2007.