Constructing a VES diagram (H8) - Type 4

Constructing a VES diagram (H8) - Type 4

Have you ever felt ineffectual in a situation that warranted your contribution: a new product concept; a marketing plan; a merger; using dispersed expertise; identifying applications of new technologies; orchestrating a business ecosystem? Envisage two or three such situations that spring to mind.

Usefully, the Value Exchange System (VES) provides agency (power) for people in their various roles to negotiate between themselves, creating the opportunity for their contributions to be appreciated, add value and, ultimately, lead to sustained prosperity. Overall, VES has evolved into a powerful tool for delving into the detail whilst retaining the bigger picture.

Leaders can use VES to display, modify, or transform collaboratively an organization’s business model so that it remains fit-for-purpose when faced with virtually any challenge, and reveals previously hidden sources of value.

For those new to VES, the Mobilization Map provides one approach for gathering the few types of data needed to enable VES diagrams to be constructed collaboratively. It provides you with a quick way to generate the three components of the VES diagrams:

·   Participants as People
·   Participants as Roles
·   Contributions sent and received by Participants

VES diagrams help you to visualise business models and the changes to the interactions between the components. You can choose to scale up to the level of a business ecosystem or drill down to the internal structure of the organization. Start at any level: just tick the appropriate box on the Map.

You can also:

·     Sketch in the existing Organization Outline or hierarchy
·     Allocate the responsibilities of People in a particular Role

The five steps in creating a Mobilization Map are:-

1) Decide the boundaries / scope
2) List key contributions (or deliverables)
3) Identify Participants
4) Link the Contributions to the Participants
5) Identify Roles

For a printout of the above and a description of the five steps, download the document following.